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Sale conditions

Kitten sale contract

Kittens acquired at our cattery are not subject to exchange or return. A kitten is not a toy for you and your child, so you should think twice before you buy a new fluffy member of your family. If you intend to buy a kitten at our cattery, you should make a request with your name, country and city of residence, your telephone number and e-mail. It is strongly recommended to indicate a kind of a kitten you are looking for: pet or breeder, straight or fold, male or female and its preferred colour. Every kitten sold as a pet, leaves our cattery neutered. In your request for a breeder you should also indicate the name of your felinological system, the name of your cattery and its web-site (if you have) and your profile at Facebook. To make a request browse to Contacts.

The price of every kitten is individual and depends on its colour and breed quality: pet or breeder. The price may change while kittens are growing. If you reserved a kitten, the price will not change. To reserve a preffered kitten since the age of 6 weeks, you should pay a deposit in the ammount of at least 50% of a kitten's price. If you refuse to buy a kitten, a deposit is not subject to refund. The cattery has a right to cancel sale agreement and refund your deposit in following cases: breeding importance to cattery, change of stated class, bad health condition, etc. If the class of a reserved kitten changes to lower one, you will be offered to buy the kitten at a lower price or other options as agreed. A buyer pays extra for a shipping, chipping, pedigree and the documents required to a shipping to other cities and countries.

Kittens sold to other regions and countries leave the cattery at the age for 4-5 months at least. It is necessary to complete a postvaccinal period. The total amount including the price of a kitten and other extra expences are to be paid before the shipping on the strict condition that the total amount is to be paid before the kitten's age of 5 months. Otherwise we have a right to resell the kitten to a new buyer, in this case the deposit is not subject to refund. The sale agreement, a birth certificate or a pedigree, the international veterinary certificate are attached to every kitten.

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